so i finally found a place to watch the perks of being a wallflower and i totally cried omg.

so good. and so accurate. can all authors write the screenplays and direct the movies pls.

so i just finished this movie and i just

my oldest brother has been in the bathroom for 15 minutes and i don’t think he realizes that just because it’s 5 am doesn’t mean other people won’t need to use the bathroom. i need it for lady reasons and hE WON’T COME OUT DAMNIT.

i wish there was a version of “decisions” by borgore without the fucking stupid vocals

ok this is the best christmas video

and it’s at the mall here wooo~



How did you make it snow on your blog?

uhh i’m trying to find a different code bc i really hate the way this snow looks

but i got it from

excuse you i love that sweater

excuse you i love that sweater

sometimes i refuse to sing “in excelsis deo” and still sing “in chelsea’s day-o” tbh



did you go report it

I actually reopened tumblr to see if you’d posted about it after seeing your facebook status so PLEASE DO TELL

i didn’t report it because someone did before i could. the initial situation was someone tweeting really awful, nasty, disgusting things about girls at our school and then tweeting things like “you’re looking around wondering which of your friends it is. it’s me, bitch. xoxo gossip girl ;*” and so people started fighting and blaming people and then this one girl started tweeting back to the person and agreeing and she tweeted “it’s always the quiet ones you have to look out for ;)” and so people started blaming her and getting into fights with her and this one girl that the person accused of having an std has math class with me and the girl everyone thought it was so in class she said, “your life is about to get really hard, bitch,” and the other girl said, “i don’t give a fuck what you think about me, or anyone else at this school.”

so our principal said if anyone was still following them, they’d get in trouble, and they all unfollowed the person and it was fucking insane and everyone was talking about it and they were tweeting that the principal could try to find out who it was and then all the sudden they protected their tweets and we’ve been told they found out who it was and that it was a guy.